A small indie games team in Melbourne, Australia.


Flip Stick

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Our first game: a simple tapping game for iOS. It's free, and is only 2.4 MB.

First Release:


Current Version: 1.1


Fall Bricks

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A free puzzle game for iOS. Stack bricks to make groups of 10 to score points.

First Release:


Current Version: 1.3


Game 3

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A new game, currently in pre-production with more development news coming in 2015.

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No Updates Planned.


News Feed Articles

Going into the tank to work on game 3...

Jan 17, 2016

Development on Game 3 is going well, but there is still a lot of work to do.

It's time for some "radio silence" until Game 3 is ready to show, so there probably won't be many posts here for some time.

Keep making games.
- Pat

Game 3 March Development Update

Mar 31, 2015

Game 3 is still not ready to show, but early development is going well.

As I said in the last dev update, game 3 is based on a homebrew Nintendo DS prototype game that I made in my first year of university. It was a turn-based strategy game where you could take your turn, then pass the system to the next player. I made it so that me and my brother could play something new while we were both passengers in the car for the next family holiday.

I made a new prototype of the game in C# and Monogame, but I wanted to move back to C++, so I am porting the work that I have done so far from C# to C++, with OpenGL and SDL.

I believe that all of the programming hurdles have been addressed, so now the biggest concern with the project is the amount of art assets needed. Because if this, I'm aiming to have a small environment tile set to make maps with, and 3-to-4 different types of units to move around the map. There are many other art assets and design decisions to account for, but I'll post more about that when there is more to say.

So in summary:
- Early development going well, not ready to show yet.
- Turn-based Strategy/Tactics game for PC.
- C++, OpenGL, and SDL.
- All programming hurdles have been addressed.
- Small environment tile set for building maps.
- 3-to-4 different types of units.
- More design info coming when it is ready.

I'm going to keep making this game.
- Pat

Game 3 Dev Update 07/Feb/2015

Feb 7, 2015

Game 3 is progressing well!

The game is based on a Nintendo DS game prototype that I made in 2008, but there isn't much to tell past that.

I'll post a screenshot when there is more to show.

I might be able to commit to monthly development updates...

Gotta keep making games!
- Pat

Fall Bricks 1.3 Update

Feb 6, 2015

An update for Fall Bricks has just hit the AppStore!

The new update includes a fix for the crash bug that appeared a while ago.
The complete change list is below:
- Score system update: the score system had been updated to track a single score rather than 3 statistics.
- Gameplay update: the game will play at the same speed and the difficulty increase will come from the randomisation of incoming brick colours.
- Music trigger update: music changes will now trigger as the screen fills up with bricks.
- Removed peacful mode.
- Updated build for new iPad and iPhone models.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes!

Update or download here:

Never stop making games!
- Pat

New Logo and Website

Feb 6, 2015

Goat Leap Games now has a new logo and website!

New Website:

I've been working on the 3rd version of the website for a while, and I finally had some free time to finish it. It has a responsive design to allow for browsing on phones and tablets.

New Logo:

Changing a logo is a big deal, but I think that Goat Leap Games is small enough to be able to make this change. I have t-shirts and business cards with the old logo on them, so I'll have to get them replaced sometime soon. I really like the new logo, and I think it was the right choice to update it.

Keep making games!
- Pat

Development Update - June 11th 2014

Jun 11, 2014

Things have been quiet around here... I haven't done a post since September last year, so it's time for an update.

Flip Stick 1.1
We've made a new update for Flip Stick. This update includes:

- Some small bug fixes related to saving data.
- A performance update: we've tried to make the game run better. We've tested it on all the i-devices we have access to, so hopefully it runs well on yours! Please tell us if you find any issues.
- A graphics update: all the graphics are now vectors, and should look nice and crisp on devices.
- iOS 7: some of the game's original code used some deprecated functions, so we've re-written the game to only use current functions.

It's only 2.5 megabytes, so please go download it from the AppStore and give it a try.

What's Next?
Next, we want to update the Goat Leap website. The current format is looking a little dated, and we'd like to change it to look nicer on mobile devices. Responsive design! After updating the website, we'd like to address some issues/bugs that have been found in Fall Bricks, and give it an update like the one we just applied to Flip Stick.

Progress on Game 3
Game 3 is still happening, but it's really on the back-burner until we update the website and update Fall Bricks. Most of the gameplay systems have been designed on paper, and most of the programming roadblocks have been addressed, but we don't have any graphics yet, and we don't want to show it until it looks nice.

More Dev Updates?
Like I said before, it's been a long time since our last update (almost 9 months). Sometimes finding time for game dev can be challenging, and when you go to work and program all day, you don't always want to program all night (but sometimes you do, and it's the best). Hopefully we do more game dev, and can write more posts about it.

Just keep making games!
- Pat

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